Buzzys Art Award Winners Announced

The Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District PTO celebrates the artistic talents of our students with its annual Buzzys Art Awards.  PTO honored dozens of outstanding student artists who produced award-winning original works in drawing, painting, photography and writing during an awards program and reception for the students and their families on Monday.  The inspiring works from our students  reflected the theme of partnership as the District partners with Mississippi State University and prepares to break ground on a new 6th & 7th grade school.

You can view the album of artwork at

Congratulations to all of our student artists and special thanks to PTO for supporting and promoting arts in education!

Best in Show – Sudduth Elementary

Thomas Brodie Simmonds, Drawing and Painting

Kathryn Gartman, Photography

Saindhavi Shankar, Creative Writing

Best in Show – Henderson Ward Stewart

Nicholas Leightley, Drawing and Painting

Vance Smith, Photography

Maximo Reyna, Creative Writing

Best in Show – West Elementary

Jameria Carter, Drawing/Painting

Rakyla Brown, Photography

Best in Show – Overstreet

Kayleigh Edelblute, Drawing/Painting

Megan Wallace, Photography

Lyndy Peterson, Creative Writing

Best in Show – Armstrong Middle School

Mandy Sun, Drawing/Painting

Leander Stelios-Wills, Photography

Fiona Dawe, Creative Writing

Best in Show – Starkville High School

Marika Dunne, Drawing/Painting


1st                          Drawing/Painting             Sandhavi Shankar

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Alena Belvin

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Jasmine Dozier

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Andrew Wordlaw

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Tyson Garner

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Will Shapley

HM                         Drawing/Painting              Hadley Thomas

1st                            Photography                       Kathryn Gartman

1st                            Creative Writing                 Sandhavi Shankar

1st Grade

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Ellington Connerley

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Keller Netadj

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Cameron Long McMillen

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Liam Leightley

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Grey Mulrooney

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Ella Staton

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Coy Conner

1st                          Photography                       Liam Leightley

1st                          Creative Writing                 Makayla Carter

2nd Grade

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Katie Chung

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Sabrina Baidas

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Claire Kight

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Aubree Burchfield

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Ward Mulrooney

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Alira Peng  

HM                         Drawing/Painting            J.D. Franks

HM                         Drawing/Painting            Meredith

1st                          Photography                    Rakyla Brown

2nd                         Photography                    Margot Hoffman

1st                          Creative Writing             Marion Ivy

3rd Grade       

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Anna Wyatt Ford

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Dorrie Wu

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Catherine Shapley

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Morgan Eddie

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Avery Garner

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Sachi Clay

1st                          Photography      Rose Dodds

2nd                        Photography      Jasmin Felguerez

3rd                         Photography      Addyson Vickers

HM                         Photography      Kylee Tomlison

1st                          Creative Writing            Maximo Reyna

2nd                        Creative Writing            Rose Dodds

4th Grade

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Kaleigh Nicks

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Isabelle Nabors

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Jonah Evan

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Natalie Merrill

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Francie Taggert

HM                         Drawing/Painting              Rebecca Jolly

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Avery Stewart

1st                          Photography      Katie Bateman

2nd                        Photography      Camille Morgan

3rd                         Photography      Elizabeth McCool

HM                         Photography      Nickolas Leightley

1st                          Creative Writing              Carissa Palmer

5th Grade

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Vivian Peng

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Karsyn Nixon

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Madison Smith

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Jacob Neal

HM                         Drawing/painting             Jameria Carter

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Madeline Brain

HM                         Drawing/painting             Olivia Bonnette  

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Phelps Dumas

1st                          Photography      Giles Jones

2nd                        Photography      Karsyn Nixon

1st                          Creative Writing            Lyndy Peterson

2nd                        Creative Writing            Sebastian Harvey

3rd                         Creative Writing            Tessa Luke

HM                         Creative Writing            Jontavious Rogers

HM                          Creative Writing             Lila Couterman

6th Grade

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Mina Clay

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Harper Ford

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Jamiya Sharp

HM                         Drawing/Painting            Clinton Neely

1st                          Photography      Julia McPherson

2nd                        Photography      Brianna Monfort

1st                          Creative Writing                Ian Robertson

2nd                          Creative Writing               Lia Jones

7th Grade

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Colin Kennedy

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Camryn Nichols  

1st                          Photography      Kenny Dean Smith

2nd                        Photography      Cooper Snell

3rd                         Photography      Colin Kennedy

1st                         Creative Writing          Lyem Nighthou  

8th Grade

1st                          Drawing/Painting             Alondra Rayna

2nd                        Drawing/Painting             Zoriah Kennard

3rd                         Drawing/Painting             Blake Smith

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Kyler Reeves

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Kate Dickerson

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Drew Walters  

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Alida Perez

HM                         Drawing/Painting             Nicholas Bryant  

1st                          Photography      Fiona Dawe

2nd                        Photography      Avery Johnson

3rd                         Photography      Ryan Leach

HM                         Photography      Shannon Dewberry

HM                         Photography      Brianne Locke

HM                         Photography      William Norris

HM                         Photography      Luke Panell

HM                         Photography       Tate Honea

1st                          Creative Writing            Fiona Dawe

2nd                        Creative Writing            Sam Schmulsky

3rd                         Creative Writing            Bobbi Calmes

HM                         Creative Writing             Noah Brown

HM                        Creative Writing              Karlie Brooks

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