SOCSD announces administrative changes for the 2017-18 school year

The Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District Board of Trustees has approved two administrative changes for the 2017-2018 school year in an effort to maximize the strengths of the District’s administrative team as it prepares for the opening of The Partnership School.
Overstreet Principal Julie Kennedy and Armstrong Middle School Principal Tim Bourne are rotating positions. 
Kennedy is moving to AMS where she will also oversee the transition of sixth and seventh grade students and teachers to The Partnership School which is currently under construction on the campus of Mississippi State University and expected to open in January 2019. 
Bourne, who began his career in the District along with Kennedy at AMS, will lead Overstreet as principal of the District’s fifth grade school, a position he previously held for six years when fifth grade was housed at Henderson Elementary School.
“Principals Bourne and Kennedy are veteran educators with more than 25 years of administrative experience between them,” said SOCSD incoming Supt. Eddie Peasant.  “Their strengths as administrators make them uniquely qualified for these positions.”
“Mrs. Kennedy is a proven school leader with a knowledge and understanding of the middle grades,” said Peasant.  “She’s also demonstrated how school culture and climate can significantly impact a school environment as she successfully moved fifth grade from a completely renovated building into the oldest building in the District last summer.  Overstreet’s success at every level is a reflection of Mrs. Kennedy’s leadership, and I expect that to translate to AMS and The Partnership School.” 
“Mr. Bourne is widely-recognized across the District for his personal commitment to building strong relationships that foster and support our students and teachers,” said Peasant.  “The Partnership School also gives us the opportunity to examine and reimagine how we are preparing our fifth grade students for middle school, and Mr. Bourne’s experience at both levels is a tremendous asset to us.”  
Kennedy and Bourne began their careers in the SOCSD as teachers at AMS in 2001.  They both served as assistant principals together at AMS before moving into lead administrator roles.   Most recently, they have collaborated with district and university leaders in the design of The Partnership School and how it can support and facilitate instruction in all aspects of middle school.   
“The opening of The Partnership School will require detailed planning, and the scope of the preparations is extensive,” said Peasant.  “Our school district, our university and our state have invested a lot of resources in this partnership, and it is important for us to assemble the team that will share the decision-making responsibilities to maximize this incredible opportunity for our school district.  We want to be fully-prepared for innovative teaching and learning experiences to begin immediately when the doors of The Partnership School open.”
The school board approved the changes during its June board meeting.
The principals will assume their new duties and responsibilities at their respective schools as soon as possible in preparation for the new school year.​


SOCSD Launches Online Registration for 2017-18 School Year

Online registration for the 2017-18 school year is open.  The online registration process replaces nearly all paper forms that parents were previously required to complete at the beginning of each school year. 

Parents/Guardians of returning students only will use the PowerSchool Parent Portal to access the online registration system to complete the required online forms and verify your child’s information.  If you have not already set up your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you will need to create an account.  If you do not have your child’s access ID & access password to add them to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you will have to contact his/her school to get this information. 

To get started, visit and sign into your PowerSchool Parent Portal.  After you have successfully logged into Parent Portal, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the student you wish to register at the top of the page
  2. Select the InfoSnap Student Registration link at the bottom left of the navigation bar
  3. Enter the student’s birthday and proceed

For a list of required documents for registration, click here.

Helpful Tip:  If you choose to upload residency verification documents online, you do NOT have to bring a hard copy with you to registration. However, if the documents you upload are not legible, a hard copy will be required.  ONLY new students must provide a birth certificate and immunization form in addition to residency verification.  All new and returning students entering the 7th grade must also provide an updated immunization form for the TDAP vaccine.  

For a list of FAQ’s about online registration, click here.

For technical support, visit or call 866-752-6850. 

If your child will be a new student in the SOCSD for the 2017-18 school year, click here to access the new student registration portal.  New students to Starkville High School and Armstrong Middle School must also complete a course selection form.  For more information contact SHS at 662.324.4130 or Armstrong Middle School at 662.324.4070.

Dates and Times for Centralized Teacher Assignment/Schedule Pick-Up for all grades and schools at Sudduth Elementary School*

Parents who have completed all registration requirements may pick-up his/her child’s teacher assignment card and/or schedule at Sudduth Elementary School on July 20-21 or July 27-28.  The computer lab will also be open during this time for parents who need access to a computer to complete the online registration forms.  School PTO’s and other SOCSD organizations will also have school tshirts available for purchase. 

July 20, July 27 – 10 am until 6 pm

July 21, July 28 – 7 am until 2 pm

Please enter through the PE facility located on the northwest end of the building at Sudduth for the centralized teacher assignment/schedule pick-up process.  Parking is available. 

*Parents/guardians of students in grades K-5 who attend West Elementary School may pick up teacher assignment cards at the West Elementary School office during these dates. 

Make-up Date ONLY – July 31

If you are unable to attend centralized registration at Sudduth Elementary School on July 20-21 or July 27-28, a make-up date will be held at individual schools on July 31.  Parents who have students at multiple schools will be required to go to each individual school during the make-up date.




SOCSD Launches District-Wide STEM Program

Imagine STEM with a #StarkvilleSpark!  The Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District prepares to launch STREAMS (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Sustainability), a first of its kind program to reimagine the traditional STEM concept. 

STREAMS builds on the success of SOCSD programs such as Youth Environmental Science (YES!) and Starkville Science Club and incorporates reading, sustainability and the arts for a new and innovative approach that expands experience-based learning opportunities for our students in science discovery. 

“STEM education is important to prepare our students for future careers,” said SOCSD incoming Superintendent Eddie Peasant.  “STREAMS takes that concept a step further and offers our students a more comprehensive program that addresses all areas and adds the creativity of the arts, along with an emphasis on literacy and how the District can sustain this entire learning initiative throughout all grades as part of every student’s educational experience.”

Jessica Tegt, who currently directs Mississippi NEXT, a partnership between SOCSD and the Mississippi State University Extension Service that includes YES!, Science Olympiad, Starkville Science Club, and other programs will assume the position of district-wide coordinator for the STREAMS program. 

The STREAMS program will also further capitalize on existing SOCSD-Mississippi State University partnerships to provide immersive field trip experiences. 

To learn more about the STREAMS program and how it will impact our students through multi-disciplinary instruction, click here



SOCSD & MSU Break New Ground in Education with The Partnership School

The Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District and Mississippi State University mark a monumental day for education in Mississippi with the official groundbreaking for The Partnership School .

The $27.5 million dollar state of the art facility for sixth and seventh grade students currently under construction on the university campus promises to impact the educational experience of  middle school students through innovative practices that maximize hands-on learning opportunities supported by academic and cultural resources at MSU. 

Click here to see and hear more about how the power of our partnership promises to re-imagine middle school. 

To download information about The Partnership School, click here


SHS Celebrates #StarkvilleSpark; Honors Class of 2017, 30Club, Hall of Fame

Starkville High School celebrates a year filled with #StarkvilleSpark, honoring numerous students for their achievements during the 2016-17 school year. 

Valedictorian: Nancy Zhang
Nancy plans to attend Johns Hopkins University and major in bio-medical engineering. 

Salutatorian: Shanika Musser
Shanika, a Provost Scholar, will attend Mississippi State University.  

STAR Student: Jay Travis
Jay scored a 35 on the ACT.  He plans to attend Georgetown University. 

STAR Teacher: Amy Bordelon

AP Scholars: Shane Aguayo, Alexandra Baldwin, Bradley Curtis, Vance Dewberry, Marika Dunne, William Brady Hunt, Andy Li, William Paul Ellis, Georgiana Swan, Jay Travis, Shanika Musser, Nancy Zhang

Highest Honors Graduates: Nancy Zhang, Shanika Musser, William Paul Ellis, Sara Grace Duncan, Sarah Fischer, Marika Dunne, Jay Travis, Camryn Dawkins, Georgiana Swan, Brady Hunt, Alecea Niven, James David May, Allexie Rose Williams, Andy Li, Bradley Curtis, Ashley McLemore, Alexis White, Ronnieshya Grayer, Amelia Story, Shaquilla Wordlaw, Lauren King, Keyona Young, Genny Fischer, Vance Dewberry, Mari Hunter Brown, Alexis Poe, Alexandra Baldwin, Kelsey Damms, Bradley Burns, Yasenia Pinkney, Wesley Albritton, Jesse Little, Hannah King, Lake Spradling, Madilyn Morris, Rylan Moore, Madison Bean, Heidi Miller, Kensley French, Audry Robertson, Thomas Roberts, Anna Taylor, Craig Ruff, Skylar Shields, Kaylee Coleman, Kate Mattox, Clay Turner, Luke Davis, Keilei Williams, Ethan Baca, Anna Byrd, Robert Haynes, Shane Aguayo, Lawson Joy Dumas, Carla Bohna, Jackson Rosinski, Sierra McKinley, Carlos Kemp, Jr., Ericka Davis, Jill Jackson, Olen Coatney, Braylon Fisher

Honors Graduates: Shane Aguayo, Wesley Albritton, Ethan Baca, Alexandra Baldwin, Chloe Bardon, Madison Bean, Carla Bohna, Vinny Brocato, Bradley Burns, Anna Byrd, Keasheeka Clark, Olen Coatney, Bradley Curtis, Kelsey Damms, Ericka Davis, Luke Davis, Camryn Dawkins, Vance Dewberry, Lawson Joy Dumas, Sara Grace Duncan, Marika Dunne, William Paul Ellis, Genny Fischer, Sarah Fischer, Kensley French, Tristan Grantham, Tristen Grantham, Ronnieshya Grayer, Robert Haynes, Brady Hunt, Jakoby Jones, Hannah King, Lauren King, Kennis Kingery, Andy Li, Hailey Linley, Jesse Little, Hudson Matheny, Kate Mattox, James May, Sierra McKinley, Ashley McLemore, Heidi Miller, Rylan Moore, Malek Mrayyan, Shanika Musser, Alecea Niven, Thomas Perez, Yasenia Pinkney, Alexis Poe, Thomas Roberts, Audrey Robertson, Alex Roskelley, Craig Ruff, Skylar Shields, Samuel Snell, Lake Spradling, Amelia Story, Georgiana Swan, Anna Taylor, Jay Travis, Clay Turner, Alexis White, Allexie Williams, Amber Williams, Keilei Williams, Shaquilla Wordlaw, Keyona Young, Nancy Zhang

Seniors of Distinction: Andy Li, Genny Fischer, Ashley McLemore, Marika Dunne, Alexis White, Jay Travis, Shanika Musser, Yasenia Pinkney, Bradley Curtis, Camryn Dawkins, Allexie Williams, William Paul Ellis, Sarah Fischer, Sara Grace Duncan, Alexis Poe, Nancy Zhang, Lake Spradling, Kate Mattox, Wesley Albritton

30Club (Scored 30 or higher on the ACT):  Sara Duncan, Marika Dunne, Emily Durr, William Paul Ellis, Lori Feng, Emily Franklin, Jonathan Franz, Joshua Gwaltney, Sawyer Gray, Ethan Holder, Brady Hunt, Noah Knox, Andy Li, Kevin Liao, Sean Mackin, Abigail Musser, Shanika Musser, Madeleine Obuya, Helen Peng, Pitcher Rendon, Thomas Roberts, Audrey Robertson, Alex Roskelly, Mary Sanders, Lake Spradling, Georgiana Swan, Sarah Swiderski, Pepito Thelly, Jay Travis, Hamilton Wan, Jacob Wubben, Nancy Zhang, Hannah Jian

Scholarships:  The SHS Class of 2017 earned more than $5.2 million in scholarships, and graduates will continue their education journey as presidential and academic scholars at numerous prestigious colleges and universities across the country, including Purdue University, Hampton University, Emory University, George Washington University, Mississippi State University, University of Georgia, University of Alabama, University of Mississippi, University of Maine, Millsaps College, and many others.  For a complete list of scholarships & universities, click here

Starkville High School Hall of Fame 2017
Mr. & Miss SHS:  Jesse Little, Kate Mattox
Academic Athlete: Vance Dewberry, Kate Mattox
Best Expressive Artist: Bradley Curtis, Sara Grace Duncan
Best Performing Artist: Michael Brumley, Madilyn Morris, Amelia Story
Best Visual Artist: Samuel Snell, Marika Dunne
Most Likely to Succeed: James Travis, Nancy Zhang
Most Versatile: Wesley Albritton, Camryn Dawkins
Most Outstanding Senior: Brady Hunt, Shanika Musser
Most Outstanding Junior:  Austin Campbell, Abigail Musser
Most Outstanding Sophomore: Hamilton Wan, Katherine Dumas
Most Outstanding Freshman: Jack Perry, Jasmine Baker

Browse our photo gallery from the SHS awards program and graduation ceremony at

Thirty-three SHS Students Score 30+ on ACT

Thirty-three Starkville High School students scored a 30 or above on the ACT this year, which earned them induction into the SHS 30Club. 

SHS recognizes Sara Duncan, Marika Dunne, Emily Durr, William Paul Ellis, Lori Feng, Emily Franklin, Jonathan Franz, Joshua Gwaltney, Sawyer Gray, Ethan Holder, Brady Hunt, Noah Knox, Andy Li, Kevin Liao, Sean Mackin, Abigail Musser, Shanika Musser, Madeleine Obuya, Helen Peng, Pitcher Rendon, Thomas Roberts, Audrey Robertson, Alex Roskelly, Mary Sanders, Lake Spradling, Georgiana Swan, Sarah Swiderski, Pepito Thelly, Jay Travis, Hamilton Wan, Jacob Wubben, Nancy Zhang, and Hannah Jian for their achievement. 

SOCSD Summer Meals Start June 5

Come eat breakfast and lunch with SOCSD this summer and join us for Summer Meals starting June 5.

Henderson Ward Stewart Cafeteria
June 5 —July 14
Breakfast  served 7:45 am – 9:00 am
Lunch served 11 am – 12:30 pm
For more information, contact Prudie Shumpert at 324-4122.

Armstrong School Cafeteria
June 5 — June 29, 2017
Monday – Thursday ONLY
Breakfast served from 7:45 – 8:45 am
Lunch served 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
For more information, contact Melissa Smith at 324-4079.

All students 18 and under eat free. Adults, who accompany students to breakfast or lunch, may purchase at meal.

Adult Breakfast Price: $1.80
Adult Lunch Price: $3.15

Online Registration for New & Returning Students in Grades 1-12 Opens June 12

Online registration for new and returning students in grades 1-12 in the Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District will open June 12 at 12 pm. 

Parents will be able to access the link for online registration on the District’s website at under the Quick Links section when it opens.  SOCSD will also send the registration link to parents in an email via our mass messaging system, SchoolMessenger, with step by step instructions about how to complete the online registration form. 

Online registration is currently open ONLY for students entering kindergarten in August 2017 for the first time. 

Parents may upload residency verification and other required documents such as immunization forms and/or birth certificates if needed directly into the online registration system OR bring the copies to centralized registration for teacher assignment/schedule pick-up which will be held at Sudduth in the physical education facility.

Dates & Times for Centralized Teacher Assignment/Schedule Pick-Up @ Sudduth Elementary School*

July 19 – 10 am until 12 pm – SOCSD EMPLOYEES ONLY

July 20 – 10 am until 6 pm

July 21 – 7 am until 2 pm

July 27 – 10 am until 6 pm

July 28 – 7 am until 2 pm 
* This is for all schools except West Elementary.  West will only offer teacher assignment pick up at their school office. 

Make Up Day will be held at individual schools on July 31. 

First day for students is August 7.


SHS Baseball Announces Summer Camp for Grades K-6

Starkville High School Baseball will host a summer camp for students entering kindergarten thru sixth grade May 30 – June 1.  Camp will be from 8:30 am until 12 noon at the SHS baseball field.  Camp cost is $75 and walk-up registration will be held on the first day of camp.


Starkville High School head baseball Coach Travis Garner, his coaching staff, and the Starkville Yellowjacket baseball team will lead instruction. Campers will be taught the fundamentals of baseball: base running, hitting, fielding, throwing, and pitching. Camp competitions and games will also be held daily!

Camp Tuition:

$75 per child. This includes snacks, water, and a camp T-shirt. Checks should be made out to the Starkville High School Baseball Boosters.


We will hold walk-up registration the first day of camp, Tuesday May 30th, from 7:30-8:30. Registration will be at the main entrance to Yellow Jacket Field.

What to Bring:

Glove, Bat, Batting Gloves, and anything your child would normally take to a game or practice. Please label anything you may bring!

Click on link below to download your registration form is attached or you may complete your form when you arrive for camp on May 30.

2017 SHS Summer Baseball Camp

SOCSD Celebrates Outstanding Employees & Retirees

Join the Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District on Tuesday, May 9, as we celebrate the work of SOCSD’s outstanding employees and parents and the careers of our retirees.  Awards program begins at 5 pm in the auditorium of Greensboro Center with a reception hosted by Starkville Oktibbeha PTO, Starkville Foundation for Public Education, and Starkville Parents for Public Schools immediately following in the mezzanine. 

Congratulations to our nominees!  Selected by their peers at each school, they represent a true commitment to the Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District.  Each one is dedicated to their students and their colleagues, and their efforts make SOCSD a better place to learn and to work.

Outstanding Teacher of the Year
Sudduth:  Leslie Hunt, Brooke Corban
HWS: Brittney Naylor, Stella Turman, Julie McKenzie
OES: TaNaya Bluitt
West: Debora Brown
AMS: Tonya Barnes
SHS:  Michael Adam, Nikki Buss, Wanda Kirkwood, Vera Myles
Millsaps:  Randy Carlisle
Emerson:  LeAnn Ibarra

Outstanding New Teacher
Sudduth: Christina Reynolds
HWS: Analisse Lucius
OES: Allison Williams – Westcott
West: Kelsey Shaw
AMS: Adrienne Minor
SHS: Sam Childers
Millsaps: Jameica Arnold

Administrator of the Year
Sudduth: Elizabeth Mosley, Principal
HWS: Gabbi Mills, Asst. Principal
OES: Julie Kennedy, Principal
West: Dr. Andrea Smith, Principal
AMS: Erica Thomas, Asst. Principal
SHS: Jorine Neal, Asst. Principal
Millsaps:  Lenora Hogan, Director
Emerson:  Lauren Stegall, Director

Certified Personnel of the Year
Sudduth: Faye Smith
HWS: Laura Harris
OES: Demetrius Taylor
West: Melanie Cade
AMS: Kim Harris
SHS: Diana Wickham
Millsaps: Deborah Borganelli
Emerson: Laura Morgan
Greensboro: Dr. Toriano Holloway

Non Certified Personnel of the Year
Sudduth: Susan Hurst
HWS: Tracie Fox
OES: Shirlianne Stirewalt
West: Cathleen Poe
AMS: Shonda Neely
SHS: Peggy Arick
Millsaps: Jeannie Johnson
Emerson: Paula Crawford
Greensboro: Ettaronda Hogan

Parent of the Year
Sudduth: Cassandra Palmer
HWS: Cassandra Palmer
OES: Marchelle Brain
West: Elizabeth Franks
AMS: Angie Forrester
SHS: Leslie Fye
Millsaps: Kathy Snell
Emerson: Rob & Kristen Fyke

Retirees:  Susan Allen, Lillian Campbell, DeLores Ellis, Lauri Hayes, Debbie Henderson, Robin Kimbrough-Dibble, Joy Rednour, Betty Seale, Dawn Swartz, Katherine Washington

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