Thirty-three SHS Students Score 30+ on ACT

Thirty-three Starkville High School students scored a 30 or above on the ACT this year, which earned them induction into the SHS 30Club. 

SHS recognizes Sara Duncan, Marika Dunne, Emily Durr, William Paul Ellis, Lori Feng, Emily Franklin, Jonathan Franz, Joshua Gwaltney, Sawyer Gray, Ethan Holder, Brady Hunt, Noah Knox, Andy Li, Kevin Liao, Sean Mackin, Abigail Musser, Shanika Musser, Madeleine Obuya, Helen Peng, Pitcher Rendon, Thomas Roberts, Audrey Robertson, Alex Roskelly, Mary Sanders, Lake Spradling, Georgiana Swan, Sarah Swiderski, Pepito Thelly, Jay Travis, Hamilton Wan, Jacob Wubben, Nancy Zhang, and Hannah Jian for their achievement. 

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