SOCSD’s Office of Transportation uses Transfinder, a school bus routing software system, to create our bus routes.

To determine your child’s bus number and bus stop, please click on the link below and enter your address. If your address is not listed, please use the contact tab on the site to send us your address information so that it may be added to the system.

Your address must be properly entered for it to identify as a match. SOCSD does not provide transportation to or from private businesses.

If you are an employee of the SOCSD, and your child needs bus transportation from one school to another, he/she will ride Bus 69 in the morning and Bus 55 (referred to as the employee shuttle).

If your child needs transportation to MSU in the afternoon, he/she will ride bus 58 (referred to as the MSU shuttle).

Due to ongoing construction on the MSU campus, we are offering five stops to campus:

  1. Sanderson Center
  2. Hilbun Hall
  3. Doorman Hall
  4. Wise Center
  5. Child Development Center

Elementary students should arrive on campus between 3:30 and 4 pm. Middle/high school students should arrive on campus between 4:30 and 5 pm.

Parents of students in grades k-4 are asked to meet their children at the bus stop. Children in grades 5-12 may walk to their campus destination at the parent’s discretion.

The Emerson/Boys and Girls Club shuttle for Sudduth Elementary is Bus 20.

The Emerson/Boys and Girls Club shuttle for Henderson Ward Stewart Elementary and Overstreet Elementary is Bus 51.

The Extended Day shuttle for Henderson Ward Stewart and Overstreet Elementary School is Bus 31.

The Boys and Girls Club shuttle for AMS is Bus 20.

Please remember that transportation delays are likely during the first few weeks of school as students, parents and drivers become familiar with routes.

You can connect with the Office of Transportation to stay informed about bus delays, substitute drivers, and more! Subscribe to Mr. Bus Shop, the Transportation Office’s texting service, to receive text alerts on your phone.

Text @K5ELE to 81010 to receive Elementary Bus and Transportation Alerts

Text @612SEC to 81010 to receive Secondary Bus and Transportation Alerts