SHS Junior Travels with Award-winning Mississippi Lions All-State Band

Margaret Ann Sullivan traveled with the award winning Mississippi Lions All State Band this summer.

For the second year in a row, Starkville High School junior, Margaret Ann Sullivan earned a place in the award-winning Mississippi Lions All-State Band. The honor allowed Margaret Ann to travel with the All-State Band this summer for intense musical training and participation in the 2023 Fourth of July National Parade in Washington, DC and the Lions International Parade in Boston, MA. The 2023 Mississippi Lions All-State Band was named International Champion for its First Place award in Boston.

The Mississippi Lions All-State Band is the premiere honor band in the state. More than 100 students from across Mississippi each year are selected for the band through an audition process. Members of the band are invited to participate in a week-long camp and culminating concert performance in-state each year in addition to summer travels to perform in various parades. Margaret Ann was also honored as a member of the All-State Band in 2022 and traveled to Montreal, Canada where the band earned International Champion.

As a sophomore, Margaret Ann was ranked as the number two french horn player in Mississippi. She will lead the Starkville High School Marching Band as Field Commander for the 2023 season.

Margaret Ann Sullivan and Shawn Sullivan