for 21st Century Students & Educators

The MSU-SOCSD Partnership School promises to impact the future of education in our state and in our community, investing in the educational experience of our middle school  students to create one of most innovative schools from programs to facilities...

Where innovative practices and collaborative learning spaces ignite the spark of excellence for students in the middle grades

Where state of the art facilities and world-class resources create a district-wide hub of STEM learning for robotics, environmental sciences, mathematics, literacy, and the arts

Where teachers collaborate to research, develop and dynamically implement best practices in classroom instruction 


JAN 21

5:00 JV Boys / 6:00 Girls / 7:30 Boys

JAN 21
JAN 21

Come to the table with your #JacketFamily! Join us for Table Talks in January to continue our conversation about how our community defines excellence beyond the state accountabi...