Starkville Foundation for Public Education Recognizes Two Outstanding Teachers

Starkville Foundation for Public Education Recognizes Two Outstanding Teachers

The Starkville Foundation for Public Education recognizes two first grade teachers at Sudduth Elementary School for teaching excellence.  

Paul Cuicchi Innovative Educator
Victoria Caves is this year’s Paul Cuicchi Innovative Educator. As the lead 1st grade virtual teacher in 2020-21, Ms. Caves worked on planning and scheduling lessons for the 1st grade virtual classes, as well as putting together slides, assignments, and online lessons for all the virtual 1st grade teachers. She connected with each of her students even though they only met through the computer and she individualized targeted instruction to help students with different learning needs. Ms. Caves engaged students through the virtual platform in a way that helped them not only learn, but thrive and succeed.

SFPE created the Paul Cuicchi Innovative Educator Award in 2010 in of Dr. Paul Cuicchi, who taught at SHS for 33 years.  

Larry Box Award
Isabel McLemore is this year's Larry Box Award winner. Mrs. McLemore is a frequent award recipient of our SFPE grants, and she is always interested in finding new and fun ways to engage her students. Her 3-D Printer grant embodies the spirit of the SFPE teacher grants by bringing innovation into the classroom and making learning fun and exciting for students. Mrs. McLemore introduced students to this 21st century technology, and they were able to use it to make 3D printed creations and write stories about them, as well as print 3-D shapes for learning in math. Through these hands-on learning experiences, students were more engaged with what they were learning.

SFPE presents The Larry Box Award annually to one exceptional grant recipient.  SFPE established the award in honor of former superintendent, Dr. Larry Box,  who continues to be an active community leader focused on excellence in education.

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