Registration for our Enrichment CampsDuring the fall and spring semesters, students in our school district will be invited to participate in Jacket Thrive, based on their individual academic need.

Jacket Thrive is exactly that. 8 days of intersession in the fall and 5 days of intersession in the spring - dedicated to helping our students thrive as they pursue their passion, purpose and potential.

Jacket Thrive allows teachers additional time to advance and enhance their students learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. 

Each school campus will develop interventions and enrichment programs to meet the needs of students who are attending intersession, and teachers will provide targeted instruction with a focus on a small group of students in an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Whether students are invited to participate in Accelerated Learning designed to help them catch up on key skills or choose to participate in Enhanced Learning aimed at helping students delve deeper into their passion, purpose and potential, Jacket Thrive offers an array of engaging opportunities for students to thrive with excellence.

Discover your passion, determine your purpose, and define your potential during Jacket Thrive.



Invitations to participate in Accelerated Learning distributed
Enrichment opportunities announced

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022
Parent / Teacher Conference Day
Sign-ups for Enrichment opportunities begin in person at Partnership Middle School or online at starkvillesd.com/JacketThrive

SEPTEMBER 23, 2022
Parents will be notified of acceptance for Enrichment opportunities 

OCTOBER 3 - 12, 2022
Jacket Thrive Fall Intersession