Update #13 from Supt. Eddie Peasant; Learning Options, Progress Reports & More

Update #13 from Supt. Eddie Peasant; Learning Options, Progress Reports & More

Dear Parents,

As our District has responded to the challenges of Covid-19, we have listened to the concerns of our school community including teachers, students and families while keeping our decisions under constant review. 

After four weeks of struggling to find a balance with the hybrid model of learning, our administrative team has made the difficult decision to remove this option for learning.

The reasons for this decision include:

  • Inability to separate hybrid students into their own cohort due to small number of students who selected hybrid option
  • Limited teachers to manage hybrid schedule
  • Increased preparation for teachers who must juggle 3 lesson preps 
  • Lack of student success

Students who are currently on the hybrid schedule will be reassigned to a traditional model or a virtual model based on their academic success and individual needs. 

Hybrid students that are not progressing at a rate of mastery of content will be advised to move to a traditional schedule. 

Your child's school will contact you about options for your child. Hybrid students will begin their new model of learning on Monday, October 5.

SHS Principal, Dr. Howard Savage, is hosting a parent zoom at 4 pm on September 21. The link to join should be in your inbox. If you are an SHS parent and you did not receive it, email Kelly Smith at kesmith@starkvillesd.com.  Details are also available at https://www.starkvillesd.com/starkville-high-school.

Parent Request to Switch to Traditional Schedule

Requests from parents of virtual students who would like for their child to begin a traditional schedule will also be granted following progress reports rather than the end of the 9 weeks or semester.

If you are a parent who has made this request to your child's school, your child's school will contact you about next steps. 

If you would like to make this request, please contact your child's school. 

You can use our online directory at https://www.starkvillesd.com/socsd-directory to find contact information for email or you can refer to the District's Important Phone Numbers link at https://www.starkvillesd.com/about-socsd/important-phone-numbers.

Virtual Students

Virtual students that are not progressing at a rate of mastery of content will be advised to move to a traditional schedule based on their progress report for the first nine weeks.

Students/families that choose to continue with the virtual option must have a working device.

The District's technology team provides support of our online learning management systems, Canvas and Google Classroom. However, our technology team is unable to repair personal devices.

If your child is experiencing a technical issue specific to his/her electronic device, please contact one of the following local businesses for assistance. 

East MS Community College IT Program

8731 South Frontage Rd.

Mayhew, MS 39753


Brandon Sesser – Instructor



Gator Computers

448 Highway 12 W, Suite #6

Starkville, MS 39759




Starkville Computers

100 Russell St Suite 20

Starkville, MS 39759



District Issued-Devices

The District's purchase of chrome books for students in grades 2-12 through the Equity in Distance Learning Act has been processed. The most recent update from the Mississippi Department of Education indicates these devices should arrive in late October/early November. The District will keep parents informed about plans to deploy devices as soon as they are finalized.

Accessing Your Child's Progress Report

Parents of students in grades 2-12 may view their child's progress grades in their PowerSchool Parent Portal on Tuesday, September 22. To access your PowerSchool Parent Portal, go to https://starkville.powerschool.com/public/. All parents of returning students should already have access to PowerSchool Parent Portal. Parents of new students may need to set up their account. Click on the tab to create your account at the link above. You will need your child's MSIS number to create your account. If you need assistance, please contact your child's school.

Bus Transportation

As the District processes requests from parents for students to return to the traditional classroom, we are evaluating our bus routes in an effort to accommodate additional bus riders. At this time, buses are limited to 28 students based on our current safety guidelines, and most routes are at capacity. While we are attempting to provide bus service to all students who request it, that may not be possible immediately. The parent will be notified when the request is processed.

Thank you in advance for your continued support as we adjust our response to Covid-19 to best support our students, teachers and families. 

Stay well,

Eddie Peasant