STEP ONE: We start with a conversation.

At its core, the Academic Houses at Starkville High School Partners in Excellence initiative puts your organization in the path of students as mentors, examples of career excellence, industry experts, and ultimately, future employers. Our relationship-based approach aims to build innovative partner opportunities and real-world student experiences that are:  

  • Centered around your career passion
  • Customized for your organization's purpose
  • Reflective of your role as a potential employer

STEP TWO: Together, we craft a unique Partner House Plan.

We invite you to explore the wide array of Partner engagement opportunities listed in this document or you may want to share with us some of your own ideas.  As we learn more about your business and how you envision your involvement, we work with the primary Partner in Excellence contact you've identified to:  

  • Build a customized collection of opportunities for interfacing with students
  • Create at least one Partner to student activity
  • Secure your commitment for at least one school year

STEP THREE: We stay in touch to make sure your House Plan is executed with excellence.

Throughout the school year, our team will work with you to ensure you have what you need to execute your House Plan and facilitate excellent student experiences in the classroom and beyond. We will:  

  • Assign an Academic Houses primary contact to work with your organization
  • Track data to quantify your impact to students
  • Ask that you report the time your organization devotes to your House Plan
Partners in Excellence

Ready to become a Partner in Excellence?

To talk more about Partner opportunities or to schedule a time to begin your Partner House Plan, contact:
Director of Career & Technical Education
Phone: 662.324.4050