Academic Houses at Starkville High School

9th Grade:

Whether we’re building a house or a career path, excellence begins with a good plan! As ninth graders, students will enroll in KEYSTONE where they will learn the skills necessary to be successful in high school.  As part of Freshmen Focus, students will explore college and career options, determine their interests and skills, and build a career profile to help them choose an Academic House. During this semester-long class, freshmen will also develop a digital portfolio documenting their career and college exploration process, resulting in solid steps of action for moving forward.

To help students develop a good House Plan and foundation for future readiness, SOSD uses a program called YouScience. This robust approach to self-exploration includes skill and career assessments, post-secondary school and job market information, exploration activities, an employment guide and more. 

10th Grade:

In 10th grade, SOSD students will declare an Academic House and begin their chosen learning pathway. Regular coursework, including math, language arts, science and history, is presented within the context and focus of each Academic House. During sophomore year, students will participate in coordinated learning experiences through site visits with area employers that match their interest in a particular profession.  Students will also have an opportunity to visit a post-secondary college or university

11th-12th Grade:

During junior year, students can begin to earn college credit through dual credit/dual enrollment options.  Students can also earn specialized certification and endorsements by completing a sequence of coursework in health, construction and other areas through specified courses.  Job shadowing, an experience that allows students to observe and ask questions of a career professional, will also be an important part of our students learning experience.

In their senior year, students will have the opportunity for individual work experiences through job internships, and students may earn the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness certificate, which measures and certifies essential work skills needed for success in jobs across industries and occupations. 

Teacher helping student with class assignment at Starkville High Schools

Students in SHS Band practice

SHS Students in Academic Houses have the opportunity to engage with local business leaders

Experiential learning for SHS students

SHS Cheerleaders at football game

SHS Graduation