# Work Days Begins Ends
187 08/17/20 06/11/21
195 08/07/20 06/15/21
200 08/10/20 06/23/21
210 08/03/20 06/30/21
220 07/20/20 06/30/21
240 07/01/20 06/30/21


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Go to the MS Department of Education website homepage at mdek12.org and follow the link to the Licensure homepage.

Click into “Create a New User Account”. Set up your own Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS) account by clicking through the questions asked. You will decide on your own User ID and Password.

Once you have set up your own account, you can edit your profile as needed if your address, name or phone changes.

From the Credentials page, look to the far left and click on the link that says “Professional Development”. At this page, each educator has the capability of entering CEUs or coursework for renewal of their licenses.

Click on “Add a CEU”. As CEUs are earned for renewal, each educator needs to enter it on this page. At the top of the page, it is already calculated for the number of CEUs or courses needed to renew based on the Class of the license you hold. After entering your CEU information, you must upload a copy of the certificates on your ELMS account.When enough CEUs are entered to renew, the page will give you the option of filing a renewal application.

Submit your electronic application. MDE licensure analysts will review your certificates and approve the renewal application.

The license will be automatically renewed and can be viewed from the virtual License Look-up site or your ELMS account. Print and submit a copy of the renewed license to Human Resources.

Professional development for license renewal (CEUs or coursework) must be completed during the validity period of a 5-year standard license. Only one method of renewal can be utilized during a validity cycle. MDE does not accept CEUs for less than .5 or 5 contact hours.

SEMI credits for Career Administrators will be loaded into the ELMS professional development files by MDE. CEUs earned through the MDE eLearning for Educators will also be loaded into ELMS by MDE.