Letter from Mrs. Fancher; Ward Building Renovations Near Completion

Letter from Mrs. Fancher; Ward Building Renovations Near Completion

Dear Henderson Ward Stewart Families, 

We're excited to welcome you and your family to a new school year of excellence on the Hill! 

As you plan to pick up your child's teacher assignment on July 18 and join us for Open House on July 25, I want to share some exciting news with you.  

The Ward Building, which will house our 2nd grade students and teachers, is ALMOST complete after a year of extensive renovation, and we can't wait to welcome you inside for Open House on July 25.  

The Ward building renovation centered around establishing a dynamic physical learning environment where students want to pursue their passion, define their purpose and achieve their potential as part of the District's capital improvements campaign, Building for Excellence. The Ward building has been transformed into a space that is comfortable and inviting and also supports collaboration, encourages exploration, and develops imagination. 

Ward building improvements have included: 

  • New energy efficient roof system 
  • New HVAC system with air filtration 
  • New LED lights throughout the building 
  • New acoustical ceilings 
  • New flooring throughout 
  • New energy efficient thermal windows 
  • New exterior entries 
  • New bathrooms with sensor valve fixtures  
  • New built in technology resources 

We look forward to opening this transformed space for excellent learning experiences this month, and we can't wait to welcome our students and families inside!  To give our 2nd grade teachers as much time as possible to prepare, we've adjusted the open house hours for 2nd grade on July 25 to 1 until 3:30 pm.  Please make note of this change.  

With the reopening of the Ward building, carpool for 2nd grade students will return to the main carpool route on School Street.  The express car pool lane located on Highway 182 in front of HWS will continue to be an option for our 3rd grade and 4th grade students whose classrooms are located in the Henderson building.  

Click here to view the carpool map for the 2022-2023 school year

We look forward to seeing you on July 18 for Teacher Assignment and on July 25 for Open House.  

Teacher Assignment Pick-Up 

July 18 

  • 10 am until 2 pm  (All Grades) 
  • 2nd Grade - Please report to the Annex Library
  • 3rd Grade - Please report to the Main Entrance of the school
  • 4th Grade – Please report to the Henderson Gym foyer

Simply look for the signage. Each grade level will be marked.    

Open House 

July 25 

  • 10 am until 12 pm - 3rd Grade 
  • 12 until 2 pm - 4th Grade 
  •  1 until 3:30 – 2nd Grade (Please note new time for 2nd Grade)
  •  2 until 3:30 pm - Open Grades/All Grades 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  


Julie Fancher