SHS 9th Grade Counselor

Stephanie Keller, 10th grade Counselor

SHS 10th Grade Counselor

Dorothy Roberson, 11th grade Counselor

Norma Cole

Norma Cole, 12th grade Counselor

Ashley Shields

Ashley Shields, 9th grade Counselor


DON'T FORGET: April 7 is the deadline for all course requests for the 18-19 year. If you have not requested courses, your courses will be selected for you. If you would like to request yourself, here are steps.


  • Late February – Course materials are given to students by grade level. Course selection templates, course descriptions, and helpful charts can be found below to assist.
  • March 1 & 2 – SHS events held to provide more information for rising 9th graders and AP/Dual Credit students. Use this opportunity to speak to teachers and counselors with any questions. See more event details below.
  • March 6-9
    • Course requests for the 18-19 school year must be submitted online via PowerSchool by students/parents. This is a new process, and we will assist with in every way we can.
    • Course Selection Nights are the first times parents/students may submit requests online. Please attend your child’s grade level night in order to complete your child’s requests at the earliest possible time. If you are unable to attend, we will provide you necessary information to complete the process. See more event details below.
    • If you do not have a PowerSchool login, you may see Mrs. Sullivan at the front desk to obtain this information.
    • You may also see resources and events below to help your child begin the process of selecting appropriate courses.
  • April 7th – Course requests must be submitted by this date.
  • April-May– (Schedule development) Staffing resources are allocated based on student course requests. Once the master schedule is created, student schedules are created and verified prioritizing placing students in the exact courses requested and needed. Counselors work to address course conflicts. Teacher and period requests are simply not possible to process in this phase.
  • July-August- Student schedules are finalized. Students who have high priority schedule issues like mistakes, completed summer courses, or insufficient graduation requirements will be prioritized for schedule adjustments.

Course Guide 2017-18



  • Seniors & Parents: FAQ’s – The Ultimate Guide to What You Need to Know- Here
  • MSU Career Center Handbook– Resume and interview tips!
  • Senior Dues: What do I owe?
    • Senior Dues of $85: paid to Ms. Arick at SHS (includes: diploma cover, yearbook, senior t-shirt)
    • Cap & Gown min. $80 deposit: paid to Herff Jones rep (cost may be more if late fee added or additional materials ordered)
  • How Do I Sign up for the ACT? See here for tips:ACT Registration Tips
  • Scholarship Resources
  • Financial Aid
    • FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    • Complete the 2018-19 FAFSA (30 min) before your university/college priority deadline
    • Help! Who do I list as my parent on the FAFSA?
    • Help! I need help with the whole process.
      • Call SHS (662) 324-4130 to schedule a 30-minute appointment with Get2College on our FAFSA Day, February 7th (2-6PM). Meeting by appointment only.
    • Can’t make it to FAFSA day or got stuck along the way?
      • Contact Get2College and speak to experts on Financial Aid. You may also schedule a remote appointment with them.
        • (228) 875-4441
        • (601) 321-5533
        • (662) 349-2789
    • State Aid Application – MTAG, MESG, & HELP grants (20 min)
    • Have a 20 ACT and financial need? You may qualify for the HELP grant – which covers cost of tuition at a college in MS.
      • Learn more about next steps to complete by March 31:
    • Need a recommendation letter?
      • Complete the SENIOR BRAG SHEET and turn it into Mrs. May at least 2 weeks before the deadline.

Honors Diploma for Class of 2017 and later

Mississippi Scholars Requirements