Starkville High School People

Tammie Adam

Library Assistant

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Kelli Adams

Testing Coordinator

  • Email Kelli Adams

Michael Adams

Teacher, AP Human Geography, MS Studies, & US Government

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Lula Akins


  • Email Lula Akins

Maria Anderson

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Maria Anderson

Shonda Bates


  • Email Shonda Bates

Elaine Baxter

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Elaine Baxter

Jessica Beaird

Teacher, Graphic Design I, High Tech Video I/II, Web Design I, and Web Design & Media Rich Content

  • Email Jessica Beaird

Helen Bell

Copy Clerk

  • Email Helen Bell

Brenna Betts

Teacher, Algebra II & AP Computer Science Principles

  • Email Brenna Betts

Pershunda Birchfield

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Pershunda Birchfield

Aimee Bordelon

Teacher, English III & AP English Literature

  • Email Aimee Bordelon

Carlton Brown

Teacher, College and Career Readiness (CCR)

  • Email Carlton Brown

Jeremy Brown

Senior Technology Support Specialist

  • Email Jeremy Brown

Owen Brown

Teacher, U.S. History

  • Email Owen Brown

Trenton Brown

Assistant Band Director

  • Email Trenton Brown

Sam Bryant

Teacher, CCR Geometry

  • Email Sam Bryant

Donald Buckner

Teacher, Health

  • Email Donald Buckner

Dana Buford

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Dana Buford

Adam Burton

Teacher, US History & AP Psychology

  • Email Adam Burton

Alexander Cagle

Teacher, Mississippi Studies & US Government

  • Email Alexander Cagle

Jennifer Chapman

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Jennifer Chapman

Anthony Cole

Teacher Assistant, Student Support Services

  • Email Anthony Cole

Carolyn Collins

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Carolyn Collins

Nicole Cooper

Teacher Assistant

  • Email Nicole Cooper

Rafael Costa

Facilities Director & Head Girls Soccer Coach

  • Email Rafael Costa

Richard Daniel

Teacher, ELL & Spanish I

  • Email Richard Daniel

Cailey Davis

Teacher Assistant, Student Support Services

  • Email Cailey Davis

Jennifer Davis

Teacher, Choral

  • Email Jennifer Davis

Adam Dillinger

Assistant Principal (CAB House)

  • Email Adam Dillinger

Tony Doss

Child Nutrition

  • Email Tony Doss

Jordan Durham

Teacher, Choral

  • Email Jordan Durham

Chardae Eddie

Teacher, Essentials for College Math & CCR Algebra II

  • Email Chardae Eddie

Betty Ellis

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Betty Ellis

Kaitland Evans

Teacher, CCR English II

  • Email Kaitland Evans

Marlon Fair

Teacher, Driver's Education

  • Email Marlon Fair

Ashia Gandy

Teacher, Ceramics I & Visual Arts I

  • Email Ashia Gandy

Fred Gandy


  • Email Fred Gandy

Gavin Gilbert

Teacher, Field Experience AP Government & US History

  • Email Gavin Gilbert

Willie Gillespie


  • Email Willie Gillespie

Trennis Gooden

Campus Enforcement Officer

  • Email Trennis Gooden

Angela Grant


  • Email Angela Grant

Kayla Graviet

Attendance Clerk

  • Email Kayla Graviet

Ashley Hall

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Ashley Hall

Hannah Harris

Teacher, Algebra & Cheer

  • Email Hannah Harris

Toby Hartleroad

EL Tutor

  • Email Toby Hartleroad

Lakeshia Henderson

Cafeteria Manager, Starkville High School

  • Email Lakeshia Henderson

Pat Henderson

Assistant Principal (H2S House)

  • Email Pat Henderson

Kyle Hickey

Assistant Band Director

  • Email Kyle Hickey

Orlicia Hill

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Orlicia Hill

Lauren Hogan

Teacher, CCR English II

  • Email Lauren Hogan

Ashley Holly

Teacher, CCR Algebra I & Foundations of Algebra

  • Email Ashley Holly

Courtney Honnoll

Teacher, CCR English I

  • Email Courtney Honnoll

Erin Honsinger

Teacher, Foundations of Algebra

  • Email Erin Honsinger

Douglas Houston

Teacher, Spanish I, II, & III

  • Email Douglas Houston

Feletha Howard

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Feletha Howard

Qu'Varius Howard

Teacher, Basketball & Physical Education

  • Email Qu'Varius Howard

Kaylah Howell


  • Email Kaylah Howell

Parker Hoyt

Teacher, Biology & Foundations of Biology

  • Email Parker Hoyt

Twana Hubbard

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Twana Hubbard

Dalton Hudspeth

Teacher, Chemistry I & Physical Science

  • Email Dalton Hudspeth

Audrey Hutchinson

Teacher Assistant

  • Email Audrey Hutchinson

Sandra Jackson

Teacher, CCR Algebra II

  • Email Sandra Jackson

Shay Jackson


  • Email Shay Jackson

Charles Jefferson


  • Email Charles Jefferson

Davida Jefferson

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Davida Jefferson

Demario Jefferson

Assistant Band Director

  • Email Demario Jefferson

Anita Johnson

TSI Interventionist

  • Email Anita Johnson

Erica Johnson

Teacher, English Comp. I

  • Email Erica Johnson

Jeannie Johnson

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Jeannie Johnson

Kizmet Johnson

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Kizmet Johnson

Tasha Johnson

Teacher Assistant

  • Email Tasha Johnson

Chris Jones

Head Football Coach, Starkville High School

  • Email Chris Jones

Felecia Jones

Teacher Assistant

  • Email Felecia Jones

Trisha Jordan

Teacher, Theatre

  • Email Trisha Jordan

Stephanie Keller


  • Email Stephanie Keller

Trina Kelly

Teacher, ACT/SAT Prep, Psychology, & Sociology

  • Email Trina Kelly

Carlos Kemp

Teacher, CCR Algebra I

  • Email Carlos Kemp

Carlos Kemp Jr.

Teacher, Band

  • Email Carlos Kemp Jr.

Wanda Kirkwood

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Wanda Kirkwood

April Kyles


  • Email April Kyles

Sarah Langford

Teacher, AP Biology, Biomedical Research, & Zoology I

  • Email Sarah Langford

Andrew Lark

Teacher, Visual Arts I/II/III & Photography I

  • Email Andrew Lark

Tanya Larry

Long Term Substitute

  • Email Tanya Larry

Jaimee Laughlin

Teacher, Biology

  • Email Jaimee Laughlin

Nancy Lee

Teacher, CCR English I & Creative Writing

  • Email Nancy Lee

Jennifer Lipscomb

Teacher, Biology & Foundations of Biology

  • Email Jennifer Lipscomb

Eric Marshall

Teacher, College & Career Readiness

  • Email Eric Marshall

Minnita Marshall

Teacher Assistant, Student Support Services

  • Email Minnita Marshall

Marilyn Marshall-Meador

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Marilyn Marshall-Meador

Emily McDonald

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Emily McDonald

Shonda McGee

Records Clerk

  • Email Shonda McGee

Joshua Medina

Teacher, CCR Algebra II & CCR Geometry

  • Email Joshua Medina

Dana Minor

Attendance Clerk

  • Email Dana Minor

Mark Monaghan

Teacher, Strength & Conditioning (Baseball)/Head Baseball Coach

  • Email Mark Monaghan

Tiffnie Moncrief

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Tiffnie Moncrief

Yolanda Montgomery

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Yolanda Montgomery

Abby Moon


  • Email Abby Moon

Bailey Muchow

Teacher, CCR Algebra I

  • Email Bailey Muchow

Meghan Mullane

Teacher, AP Psychology, Psychology, Softball, & Volleyball

  • Email Meghan Mullane

James Muse

Teacher, Physical Education

  • Email James Muse

Emily Nolt

Teacher, Physical Science & Physics I

  • Email Emily Nolt

Devin Olafson

Teacher, Earth Science

  • Email Devin Olafson

Myndi Oliver

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Myndi Oliver

Karla Outlaw

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Karla Outlaw

Shalisha Owens

ISD Monitor

  • Email Shalisha Owens

Vijay Pacharne

Teacher, AP Calculus, AP Physics, & CCR Algebra III

  • Email Vijay Pacharne

Ashley Parvin

Assistant Principal (9th grade)

  • Email Ashley Parvin

Xavier Perkins

Teacher, CCR Algebra I & College Algebra

  • Email Xavier Perkins

Ariel Perry

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Ariel Perry

Kimberly Peterson

Administrative Assistant

  • Email Kimberly Peterson

Craig Piper

Teacher, AP US History, US History, & US Government

  • Email Craig Piper

Kaitlyn Pittman

Teacher, World History

  • Email Kaitlyn Pittman

Amelia Plair

Teacher, AP English Language Composition & CCR English III

  • Email Amelia Plair

Summer Price

Teacher, CCR English II/IV

  • Email Summer Price

Markez Quinn

Teacher, Business Law & Personal Finance

  • Email Markez Quinn

Jacqueline Randle

Teacher, Foundations of Algebra

  • Email Jacqueline Randle

Sabrina Randle

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Sabrina Randle

Tory Reeves

Teacher, Drivers Education

  • Email Tory Reeves

Brittany Rice

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Brittany Rice

Tory Rice

Teacher, Contemporary Health

  • Email Tory Rice

Ariana Rosado

Teacher, Earth Science & Marine & Aquatic Science I

  • Email Ariana Rosado

Shimyia Saul

Teacher, CCR English I

  • Email Shimyia Saul

Floreline Sawyer

Teacher, MS Studies & US Government

  • Email Floreline Sawyer

Jason Scott

Teacher, AP Statistics & CCR Algebra III

  • Email Jason Scott

Jessica Shows

Teacher, Biology & Foundations of Biology

  • Email Jessica Shows

Stevie Simmons


  • Email Stevie Simmons

Kendashia Smith

Teacher, Theatre Arts I

  • Email Kendashia Smith

Marcy Smith

Teacher, CCR English IV

  • Email Marcy Smith

Trent Smith-Hawkins

Teacher, Choir & Piano I/II

  • Email Trent Smith-Hawkins

Dr. Darein Spann

Principal, Starkville High School

  • Email Darein Spann

Devonte Stallings

Child Nutrition Services

  • Email Devonte Stallings

William Stewart

Driver's Ed Teacher/Powerlifting Coach

  • Email William Stewart

Shawn Sullivan

Band Director

  • Email Shawn Sullivan

Cassidy Swinney

Teacher, CCR English II

  • Email Cassidy Swinney

Cedric Sykes

School Resource Officer

  • Email Cedric Sykes

Cynthia Thomas

Teacher, US History

  • Email Cynthia Thomas

Debbie Thomas

Teacher, Jobs for Mississippi Graduates

  • Email Debbie Thomas

Dr. Gregory Washington

Assistant Principal (TEC House)

  • Email Gregory Washington

Stephany Watson

Teacher, AP Chemistry & Chemistry

  • Email Stephany Watson

Susan Weaver


  • Email Susan Weaver

Charlese Webb

Teacher, JROTC

  • Email Charlese Webb

Adrienne Williams

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Adrienne Williams

Brenda Williams

ISD Monitor

  • Email Brenda Williams

Charley Williams

Teacher, Physical Science

  • Email Charley Williams

Holly Williams

Teacher, English III/IV and Essentials for College Literacy

  • Email Holly Williams

Julia Williams

Teacher Assistant

  • Email Julia Williams

Kimberly Williams

Teacher, Economics & US Government

  • Email Kimberly Williams

Kristie Williams

Teacher, Basketball & General Biology I

  • Email Kristie Williams

Andrea Wilson

Teacher, Environmental Science & Genetics

  • Email Andrea Wilson

Kendra Wilson

Teacher, Botany, Human A&P, & Zoology I

  • Email Kendra Wilson

Craig Wood

Teacher, AP World History & World History

  • Email Craig Wood

Maggie Wood

Teacher, CCR Geometry

  • Email Maggie Wood

Kendra Wright

Teacher, Botany, Human A&P, and Zoology I/II

  • Email Kendra Wright

Elizabeth Young

Teacher, Student Support Services

  • Email Elizabeth Young

Vatreecia Young

Teacher, Economics

  • Email Vatreecia Young

Veronica Young

School Nurse

  • Email Veronica Young