Starkville High School Welcomes 43 Students to 30+ Club

30+ Club Logo

Forty-three students at Starkville High School earned a score of 30 or higher on the ACT. 

Amy Zhang, a 9th grader, scored a perfect 36. 

SHS honored the following students and inducted them into the 30+ Club for their scores on the ACT:   

Ethan Shurden
Karl Grebner 
Hannah Jian 
Matthew Swiderski
Grant Peterson 
Cassie Javorsky
Mia Robertson 
Elijah Cappleman 
Carter Campbell
Aaron Wan
Drew Walters 
Jaxon Brooks 
Katie Leigh 
Muneebah Umar
Andrew Yu 
Aiden Butlelr 
Madeline Tegt
Michael Lu 
Andrew Keith 
Ahmed Hassan
William Neely 
Daniel Nicholson 
Soul Park
Marshall Skelton
Corey Moore 
Jack Perry 
Nicholas Bryant 
May Grace Holt 
Amy Zhang
Samantha Turner 
Ashtyn Young 
Gloria Zhang 
Jasmin Baker 
Grace May 
Caroline Nobles
Ethan Smith 
Kyran Williams Roberts 
Simon Banzhaf 
Rachel Adair 
Braxton Stone 
Wyatt Shanahan 
Ella Wubben 
Jasper Gray