SHS Selected for Legislatively Funded ACT Test Prep

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Starkville High School is one of 22 Mississippi High Schools selected to pilot a legislatively-funding ACT test prep program for juniors to prepare for the state mandated test. This test prep program from Jumpstart Test Prep focuses on reading and science.  The program is funded through a $150,000 allocation from the Mississippi Legislature and will begin at SHS two weeks preceding the scheduled test day in spring 2020. 

The goal of the 2019-2020 Mississippi legislative pilot is to assist teachers at the 22 selected high schools with improving ACT composite science and reading sub-score averages and to gain feedback and improvement results from schools awarded the review course pilot.

Fifteen Mississippi High Schools completed the first, State-sponsored Math review prior to the February 2019 ACT exam. Following completion of the Jumpstart Test Prep review, nearly half of the students with prior ACT attempts had an average Math score improvement of +2.24 points.

Pre- and post- ACT exam scores revealed that the (Jumpstart) Math Test Prep produced discernable and consistent improvement at the individual school and global analysis levels. Improvements were consistently seen across student demographics (race, gender, academic strength) and school rating.