Reading to Succeed Seeks External Evaluator

Reading to Succeed Seeks External Evaluator

Reading 2 Succeed is an Innovative Approaches to Literacy Federal Grant was written to serve children birth to 18 years in the Starkville/Oktibbeha community. The purpose of the grant is to provide resources, training, and opportunities to expand literacy development within the community.



An outside evaluator will be needed to ensure that data collection and analysis is completed efficiently and without bias. The analyst will run analyses in order to gauge the success of the project as well as inform areas in which change should occur to meet expected outcomes. The person that serves in this role will be knowledgeable in data collection and analysis at the higher education research level. Preference is given to those with past experiences with data analysis within federal grants. 


Estimated Service Period for Grant Year 2
Services Beginning: Immediately
Services Ending: December 16, 2021


Instructions for Submitting Bid
All proposals should be emailed to in order to be accepted for consideration. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from the above email address within 24 hours of submitting. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 24 hours, please assume the proposal was not delivered and should be submitted again. 


Please direct any questions or concerns to

Susan Barlow

Reading 2 Succeed Project Coordinator

Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District