The SOCSD is committed to providing our students and teachers with the best educational experience possible.  We are willing to participate in research studies in order to learn more about strategies that could be implemented, changes that need to be made, or any additional information that can improve our practices.  Please read the information below if you are interested in conducting research in the SOCSD.   

Faculty, staff, and students should contact Dr. Brandi Burton at to obtain permission from the SOCSD prior to beginning research. If your study is approved, you will receive a letter of approval which you can include in your application to the MSU or other Institutional Review Board for research with human subjects. While we recognize that many research plans will originate from ongoing collaboration with SOCSD faculty and staff, MSU researchers should NOT begin recruiting research participants, including administrators, teachers, families or children, prior to obtaining approval to conduct a study with the district and the Institutional Review Board.

The SOCSD approval process may take up to 6 to 8 weeks. Many studies will require approval of the SOCSD School Board. Researchers, including doctoral students, should plan accordingly.

Once your research study is approved by the SOCSD Research Committee and School Board, you may submit your application to the MSU or other relevant IRB board. Once permission is obtained from the IRB, you should share that approval letter with Dr. Brandi Burton, chair of the SOCSD Research Committee, who will work with you to begin recruiting participants and implement the research plan.

If you are ready to begin your research, please email Dr. Brandi Burton at with your research proposal. After submission, the Research Committee will take the time to review and then respond with a decision.